KRD Christmas 2020

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Winston + Otis


Our first year has been full of video conferences and socially distanced walks…

December has been my favourite time of year. Looking good, getting a lot of exercise. But it does make me a little hungry.

Summer holidays are here, the heady freedom of riding in the car and spending time at the beach.

2020 has been a fantastic year for our beautiful pets.

But… We are looking forward to working together again in 2021.

ISO Puppy’s First Christmas

2020 KRD socially-distanced animated Christmas EDM featuring 10 hand-drawn illustrations by Emma Echter.

In the year that saw the globe thrown into pandemic stress, our pets, both old and new became the focus for many people to get out of the house, enjoy the local neighbourhood, and add companionship to their family life.

There were Zoom meetings and phone calls interrupted by barking at delivery drivers, tales of too much walking, chewed up papers, online orders of accessories, long queues at Pet Barn, but no one minded. The ISO puppies were happily ensconced in their new homes.

Email us your ISO puppy photo and we will add to an ‘inspired by gallery’ for all to enjoy.