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Design Magpie is pleased to announce ‘Motorverse: A Visual Celebration of car, truck and motorcycle advertising from the 1950s to the 1980s’.

‘Motorverse’ is an eclectic collection of vehicle advertisements and brochures primarily chosen for their design and advertising story to showcase the evolution of the motor vehicle and the transformation of advertising styles concurrently.

Included are quirky, personal favourites and unusual advertisements for lesser-known vehicles. The material was sourced primarily from John Lloyd’s private colllection of over 30,000 pieces. It is a beautifully designed, self-published book where the main intent is a fun piece that appeals to car aficionados, design fans and the general public interested in social and manufacturing history.

Concept and design by Kym Ramadge, ‘Motorverse’ is authored jointly by John Lloyd, Chris Keating and Kym Ramadge, the team behind ‘Melbourne in the 70s’.

The publication’s details are:

Full colour throughout, 64 pages, size: 230mm w x 190mm.
Price per book: $21.95 AU ex GST
Check out for further details.